That nervous liminal day before travel

So, I’m flying tomorrow.

There have been so many documents to sort out, tests to take, things to pack. It’s particularly difficult because my family is moving house, so once I get back to England next August, I will most likely have a new home. So I’m cramming my entire life into a pair of suitcases and gathering all the confidence I have.

I’ve been a bit neurotic about packing, cause I tend to get overly practical, and grab many bits and bobs that I can buy later or won’t need at all. I just wish I could bring my cat, my family, and Theo with me. Sadly living beings don’t appreciate being stuffed into suitcases. So I’m trying to become a Skype guru instead.

It’s gonna take 17+ hours of airport time, and add to that commute to Heathrow and then from Osaka to Kobe… it all gets kinda scary. I’ve got my snacks and my Paracetamol (which is apparently hard to get in Japan), and now all that’s left to do is sitting nervously in my comfy bed and saying goodbye to everything familiar. I thought that starting uni last year was a fresh page, but this is far beyond any new starts I’ve made before.

Good luck to me.


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